Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dance-Corner, 4th Generation

This has been the home for Dance-Corner when it has been evolving to it's 4th generation. Old servers have now been scrapped, new infrastructure is in place. The new Dance-Corner is not completed yet but you can enjoy the new site in the old address,

All new photos will now be available for download. The new server does provide the possibility for downloads of both full size files as well as smaller files suitable to be used on web sites and in e-mails. This part of the new infrastructure will still be enhanced.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finnish Ballroom Championship 2010, part 2

The photos from Finnish Ballroom Championships 2010 in Oulu are now all ready and available.

Very nice event, a great competition. The organizers really did a good job in creating a wonderfull athmosphere, please accept my thanks for your great work.

All photos are available here, slideshows of them will be created later to this article.






Finnish Ballroom Championship 2010 in Oulu

Finnish Ballroom Championships 2010 where organized in Oulu. Congratulations to our Champions, Markus and Mariia Hirvonen as well as to all other winners and dancers.

Photos will be available, some maybe allready on Sunday depending on the traffic :-)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grand Prix Lat vija 2009, part Two

All Grand Prix Latvija 2009 photos are now ready.

To view the photos full screen click on the right lower corner of the mini-slideshow ("full screen"), to visit the actual gallery where you can purchase photos click on the text "visit gallery" on the upper right corner of the slideshow. Thumbnails are available down in the toolbar on the left. Please enjoy :-)

IDSF World Youth Standard Championship 2009:

IDSF International Open Latin:

IDSF International Open Standard:



The Shows:

Some lineups, Price Presentations etc:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

IDSF World Youth Standard Championship 2009

Congratulations to 2009 Champions in Youth Standard Igor Kruglov and Olga Shcherbina.

Wonderfull dancing, a really good competition. But only one couple can be the champion at a time. Special thanks to the audience, the support given to all the couples was marvelous and made the event if possible even more intense.

All photos are now ready and available: